What makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner is our professional attitude and comprehensive service. We are there for businesses at every stage of their development, always ready to help or advise. By working with us you get a reliable service, which includes:

Tax consulting

We guarantee that your payments to the State Treasury will be always correct and on time, and your tax burdens – optimized. We make monthly and annual tax returns and declarations, in accordance with laws and regulations regarding:

  • registration and identification of taxpayers;
  • tax ordinance;
  • personal income tax;
  • corporate income tax;
  • goods and services tax;
  • excise duty;
  • stamp duty act;
  • tax on civil law transactions.

With your power of attorney, we can represent you before Tax Office, Tax Audit Office and other public administration bodies.


A tailored system of internal audit and reporting offers you all the information you need to effectively manage your business.
Our services in this scope include:

  • preparing documents regarding accounting policy/rules and corporate chart of accounts;
  • developing an internal audit system;
  • keeping accounting books;
  • collecting, sorting and keeping accounting documents, following specific standards;
  • regularly determining the actual assets by stocktaking;
  • evaluating assets;
  • calculating the financial result;
  • preparing financial statements, statistical reports and other reports and lists for the company's internal purposes;
  • regularly revising books;
  • full responsibility for obligations related to accountancy.

One of our employees may be put at your disposal at your office.

Auditing financial statements

By way of resolution no. 305/86/97 of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, our company has been entered into the list of the entities authorized to audit financial statements (number on the list 1634).
Our auditing services comprise:

  • auditing annual financial statements;
  • revising accounting books;
  • analyses concerning restructuring and assessment of businesses or its parts (due diligence;
  • tax audit.

Payroll and HR

We provide correct and professional service in any payroll- and HR-related area thanks to our detailed familiarity with the procedures regarding calculation of remunerations, tax laws, employment laws and social security laws. All the services are tailor-made, and you can choose from:

  • creating and updating an insurance database for each employee;
  • monthly calculation and payment of remunerations;
  • preparing and submitting all PIT tax returns;
  • preparing statistical reports for GUS [Central Statistical Office];
  • calculation and preparation of PFRON [National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled] declarations;
  • payments to the Social Insurance Institution;
  • keeping full payroll and HR records and documents;
  • consulting in the area of employment law and social insurance law.

Office administration and registered address for businesses

While developing your business, you always look for the best solutions. In EuroConsult Outsourcing Sp. z o.o. we meet your requirements and we are constantly extending our offer. One of our services aimed to bring your business more benefits is office outsourcing.
We offer:

  • virtual office desk;
  • room rental;
  • office per hours;
  • postal box rental;
  • bookkeeping services.

Thanks to the new opportunities, you can optimize your operating costs, obtain a prestigious address in Krakow and improve the image of your company.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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